Video Connection Setups: Add Content to the Wiki


Prepared by Christina Cahill, Nicole Nordal, Shelly Major, & Samuel Sennott 6/08
Video Connection Setups: Setups

Simply FAB your way to creating motivating video connections and adding them to a wiki for building background knowledge for reading or for multiple uses in writing.

Find and Watch Your Video and Make Sure it is Appropriate.

2. Please make sure it is appropriate for children.

Add title and link to the Wiki page menu.

1. If appropriate, use YouTube video title.
2. Click edit to modify the menu page. ( )
3. Place title under correct category (as close as possible)
4. Highlight and Link Title to a new page of the same name
5. Save and then click on that link.

Bring your embed code to the wiki page you created.

1. Click edit to modify your new wiki page.
2. On toolbar, select embed widget (the tv).
3. Select add video content.
4. Choose your media, ex. YouTube
5. Paste your embed code. Save.
6. Save your wiki page.

You are Fab!