Cool AAC and Literacy Supports

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Closing the Gap: Keep on Rockin' in the Free World Session Handout

  • tt02.jpgCheck out the ELMO: It is a projection tool commonly used by science classes for showing work with microscopes.

Use it to enlarge writing, to enlarge choice making materials, to quickly adapt books, to show student's video of themselves as they work, and to model device use.

  • turntables_ss.pngOnline Digital Instruments are a terrific resource for motivating students in the domains of access, writing, conversation, and more.
  • Try scratching behind singing the ABC's, or your phonemic awareness tongue twisters.
  • Handout from session at Closing the Gap

  • art_launcher_screenshot.png Art Website Launcher Visual launchers for accessing websites, simplifies the navigation process and provides a forum for exploration and choice. Try having partners explore these cool sites.